Sawgrass Homeowners' Association

6th Annual Fall Garage Sale

Sat. Aug 23 8am-1pm

Mark your calendars and start cleaning out your closets, garages and storage areas it's time for the 6th annual Fall Garage Sale.

If you only have a few things, team up with your neighbors or friends to make it fun and more profitable! The HOA will be taking care of all advertising expenses - so maximize your profits and join the many households who participate in this event. The board will ask a volunteer to put the advertisement in the News Gazette and post signs at both our neighborhood entrances.

Champaign, Illinois USA

Established in 2003 the Sawgrass HOA was set up to facilitate the management of our common areas and look after the general interests of the homeowners.

Sawgrass boasts nearly 20 acres of common land, 4 ponds totaling 11 acres of surface area, and a two mile recreational pathway through the neighborhood away from roadways.

We have a particularly active Homeowners' Association. Far from being a hinderance on our homeowners' privacy we simply strive to develop the beautiful features that we enjoy. We encourage website visitors to browse our bylaws, covenants, meeting minutes and especially our neighborhood newsletter to get a better idea of our activities. Our bylaws and covenants are standard given our geography, age, and type of neighborhood.

Some friendly reminders:

  • Exterior architectural additions and changes require approval from the Architectural Committee. Please use the following form for all approvals.
  • Remember to keep light posts functioning and replace burned out bulbs promptly.
  • Take measures to not block driveways and sidewalks. Doing so could result in your car being ticketed and towed by the city.
  • Common areas and lakes are there for the enjoyment of all homeowners, please do your part to help keep these areas free of debris and dog waste.
  • Please help keep Sawgrass looking great by keeping yards mowed and tidy.
  • Please clean up after taking care of your yard. Taking an extra 5 minutes to clean off sidewalks and driveways will help keep the subdivision looking it's best.

Map to sawgrass

Sawgrass HOA

P.O. Box 6663
Champaign, IL 61826-6663

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